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Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint 



67" x 61"

Silk, hand embroidered, hand sewn

Displayed in the exhibition,

Bojagi Journey,

Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Art Museum,

La Conner, WA (2023)

The theme of the bojagi is 'Chaekgado,' which refers to both court and folk paintings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the Joseon Dynasty depicting books, collectible items, and stationery.

In creating this bojagi, I utilized traditional embroidery skills and materials while incorporating a contemporary element using the Korean alphabet, Hangeul.

The centerpiece of the bojagi showcases an embroidered scene inspired by Chaekgado. The content on the book comes from the latest popular web novel in Korea titled 'Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint,' which also became the title of the artwork. On the blue ribbon, I embroidered a quote by King Jeongjo, the 22nd king of the Joseon Dynasty, who was renowned for his love of Chaekgado and books. The quote translates to, "When I am too busy to read due to work, although I love reading, I find solace in viewing Chaekgado." As a fellow book lover, I deeply resonate with his sentiment.

In the past, books were painstakingly handwritten and bound by hand using handmade papers. Now, in the twenty-first century, we read books online. While embroidering the letters from the recent web novel, I could envision the laborious process of handcrafting books in the past. My aim is to encompass both the nostalgia of the old and the excitement of the new in this artwork, capturing the essence of these contrasting sentiments.

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