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A Fish out of Water

45" x 110"
Silk, hand sewn

Displayed in the exhibition, 

Bojagi Journey, Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Art Museum, La Conner, WA (2023)

Ewha Quilt, Ewha Art Center, Seoul, Korea (2022)
Dwelling in Between
, The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in San Francisco, San Francisco CA (2018)


“Inspired by a wooden fish hanging in a temple I encountered long ago, I embarked on creating fish using the traditional Korean wrapping cloth technique known as Jogakbo. The wooden fish, seen in a Buddhist temple, intrigued me with its open eyes even in slumber, symbolizing unwavering devotion to the Buddhist faith. This fish, emerging from the sea and adorning the eaves of a mountain temple, left a profound impression on me, evoking feelings of empathy and reverence for its symbolic significance.

As an immigrant, I find resonance in the fish's symbolism, which encompasses the cycles of day and night, as well as the merging of sea and land. It reflects my own experiences navigating between two realms: my birthplace and the unfamiliar new environment I now call home. With the intention of capturing the intricate symbolism of the fish, I sought to express it through the medium of silk using the traditional Jogakbo technique.

'Fish out of Water' features two fish bodies, symbolizing the dual identity and hybrid nature inherent in straddling two different worlds—the familiar place of birth and the unfamiliar new location. Through this artwork, I aim to explore the complexities of cultural adaptation and the interplay between one's origins and the journey into uncharted territories.”

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