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Did You Eat, I Love You!


47" x 35.5"

Silk, hand sewn, silk threads, hand embroidery

Displayed in the exhibition, Geon Gon Gam Ri; Beyond the Distance, San Ramon City Hall Gallery,

San Ramon, CA (2019)

and Ewha Textile Exhibition, Ewha Art Museum, Seoul, Korea (2019)


"'Live right, and in the end all will be good; I heard repetitively when I was with you. Now you ask me, 'Did you eat?', before anything.'

Boiled rice (밥, Bob) is the essential ingredient of Korean meal. When Koreans say "Let's have bob', it doesn't just refer to rice, but an actual meal. 'Did you eat?' is the most common greeting in Korea and the words are more than a greeting that imply care and concern. I am living in USA and my old parents are in Korea. They call me to say hello all the time starting with the word, "did you eat?" but instead, I hear their voices as "we love you".  Maryann F. Kohl said, "art is a process not a product." and "like many things, art is always in the process of becoming" (Minerva School). I was able to relate to them and incorporate it into my style of art. I have spent several months making a bowlful of rice, by hand embroidering with silk threads. I really enjoyed the process, and while in progress, I heard the words 'did you eat? I love you!'"

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