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Did You Eat, I Love You!


47" x 35.5"

Silk, hand sewn, silk threads, hand embroidery

Displayed in the exhibition,

Bojagi Journey, Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Art Museum, La Conner, WA (2023)

SIKGU, Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA (2023)

Geon Gon Gam Ri; Beyond the Distance, San Ramon City Hall Gallery, San Ramon, CA (2019),

and Ewha Quilt, Ewha Art Center, Seoul, Korea (2019)

KakaoTalk_Photo_2023-07-05-15-46-16 004.jpeg

“Bap (밥) is a Korean word that refers to cooked rice. In Korean culture, "bap" also represents a meal. In Korea, it is common for people to greet each other by asking, "Did you eat bap?" and instead of saying "See you next time," they say, "Let's have bap next time!" Even today, every phone conversation I have with my parents in Korea begins with "Have you eaten bap?" and ends with "Take care of yourself and don't forget to eat bap well!" The word "bap" encompasses not only a bowl of rice or a meal but also concerns for the health and well-being of family members.

For this bojagi, I dedicated an entire winter to embroidering each grain of rice by hand. I depicted a bowl of rice (bap) on the table, kept for a family member who has not yet returned from their daily work. When the family member comes home, they find the bap and replenish their energy for the next day.”

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