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Rainbow Fish

42" x 18"
Silk, hand sewn, wood


Displayed in the exhibition,

East – West Conversations in Fiber,

Sierra Arts Gallery, Reno, NV (2018),

and Out of Square, KCC Gallery, Englewood, NJ (2011)

"Inspiration for one subject matter came from my experiences and emotions comes from one of the hottest and hardest time during postpartum summer. With my 100-day old son asleep warm on my shoulder I ventured into the coolness of the mountains. The memories are still vivid of the mountain that was full of noises made by summer cicadas as we climbed the uneven stone steps. At the top, I encountered the wooden fish inside the Buddhist temple. As a new mother, my life and world revolved around my son and his welfare requiring a new dimension of patience. I came face to face with the unfamiliar emotions and the difficult challenges from all my concern for my son who came into this world because of me and the fish that left the watery world which now hung in the deep forest. These two things became intermingled and fused. Leaving the home country and coming to terms with my own feelings about all that was unfamiliar, the wooden fish became an object that represented my heart, emotions, and the environment in which I lived. The numerous silk fish that I have been making and the fish that was hanging in the unfamiliar place represented me, struggling against time and place."

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